Prenatal PIYOLET at The Motherhood Center


Roslyn Bazzelle brings you a very unique and exciting Prenatal PIYOLET workshop at The Motherhood Center this summer. Join us for a workout that is designed as a low-impact fitness regimen that strengthens and stretches those muscles needed during pregnancy and labor. You will also gain tools to lessen any pain and discomfort caused by pregnancy.

Spots are limited, so visit The Motherhood Center or call (713) 963-8880 to register. Cost is $20.00 per date.

Join us on May 15th, June 12th, and July 10th from 6pm to 7pm.

One thought on “Prenatal PIYOLET at The Motherhood Center

  1. Angelo

    Janice, congrats to you! How exctiing. I’ve had 2 kids already, and the best advice I can give you is not to panic. Stay as calm and relaxed as you can, and try to keep in mind that labor will end at some point. Use your nurses as a resource as much as you can.


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