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PIYOLET Green Machine Smoothie

Roslyn Bazzelle demonstrates how to make the PIYOLET Green Machine smoothie.

Ingredients: 1 scoop whey protein powder, 2 cups (packed) fresh Spinach, 1/2 Banana, ice and water. If you prefer a creamier texture use Soy milk or rice milk instead of water. If you prefer a sweeter smoothie use fresh apple juice instead of water.

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Start incorporating the PIYOLET Green Machine Smoothie into your weekly diet.

Protein: The Building Block of Life

Protein. We hear this word everywhere we go. High in protein. Low in protein. Protein shakes. Protein bars. Protein diet. But, what really is protein and why do we need it?

At a cellular level, you need protein in your diet to help your body build, maintain, and repair cells and body tissue. Imagine you’ve cut yourself: proteins help with tissue repair and the development of blood (and your body’s ability to clot the blood). Proteins execute a host of activities within the body, such as: cell transport, storing energy, build and contract muscles, and create hormones. Proteins are also important for growth and development during childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy because it helps build skin, hair, nails, and cartilage.

Eating protein is essential to maintain a healthy body, not just at the cellular level. For instance, protein provides energy for the body and this prevents us from becoming fatigued. When you exercise, feeling fatigued is a sign that you’ve reached your max and your body needs to recover. Having enough protein in your body helps you push past your existing limits and develop more muscle. Additionally, protein helps the body fight off illness and disease by keeping the immune system functioning properly.

Protein is commonly found in animal products such as:

  • eggs
  • milk
  • cheese
  • lean beef
  • white meat poultry (think chicken and pork)
  • fish
  • Greek yogurt

Protein can also be found in these non-so-common non-animal products:

  • beans
  • avocado
  • quinoa
  • soy
  • peas
  • edamame
  • chia seeds
  • nuts
  • leafy greens

It is important to note that the body does not store protein, so it is important to consume protein-rich foods every day.

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

We all do it. We make resolutions for the start of the new year and then we struggle keeping them. Our intentions are pure; we really do mean to stick with them, but life gets in the way. Our motivations dwindle. Time passes and we simply forget.

Not this year! This year I am sharing with you some great tips to help you stick with your resolutions. Resolutions are similar to goals and some goals are difficult to obtain. However, with a bit of planning and prioritizing, and maybe even a little luck, you will keep your resolutions for 2014.

1. Talk about your resolutions. Discuss your resolutions with a partner, loved one, or friend. Talking about them will make them more real to you, and will help you feel accountable to someone other than yourself. It is easy to let yourself down, but it is harder to disappoint a pal. So tell someone who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated as you work towards your resolutions.

2. Outline your plan. Nothing happens ever without a plan. All journeys in life, even things as small as making dinner, require a plan of attack. Decide your starting point, define your end point, and highlight the milestones along the way. If you have a map to follow, it will be easier to stay on track.

3. Don’t be afraid of setbacks. I’m human. You’re human. We are bound to make mistakes. You will suffer a setback or two while working towards your resolutions, so instead of beating yourself up about it, accept it for what it is: a sign that you’re human. Acknowledge the setback and then return to your plan and get back on track.

4. Track your progress. Documenting the progress allows you to see your progress and the steps you are making towards meeting your goal. You can also reflect on your progress and see what you’ve accomplished and gained.

5. Reward yourself. Keeping a resolution is hard work and you deserve to be rewarded for the efforts you are making. Find ways to reward yourself for sticking with the resolution and be proud of your accomplishments. A night out on the town. A new pair of running pants. A lazy night indoors with a movie and popcorn. Pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve done.

The year 2014 will be your best yet!

Don’t Let the Holidays Derail Your Fitness Plans

The holidays are here and we are feeling lots of different emotions. Happiness and joy to see friends and family. Frustration that there isn’t as much time to workout because you have more commitments. Satisfaction of the delicious meals you’ll be preparing. Fear of the delicious (and unhealthy) meals you’ll be consuming. Excitement about the festivities and social events you’ll attend. Concern for the impact they will have on your healthy and active lifestyle.

The holidays often create a major detour around your fitness and health plans and goals. The holidays are when life gets in the way. However, I am here to tell you that they don’t have to! Check out these great tips to prepare yourself for the holidays.

1. Be Workout Ready - If you are traveling, always take a set of workout clothing & shoes with you so you can get in a quick run or head to a gym during some down time.

2. Out of Sight Out of Mind – After a holiday dinner, get out of the area where all of the food is located. If it’s not within arm’s reach, you are more likely to pass on that second or third helping.

3. Focus on Favorites – We all have our favorite foods we look forward to enjoying during the holiday season. Focus on just your favorites and pass on anything else. Enjoy those items you truly love and can’t pass up instead of wasting your time, energy, and calories on items that you can do without.

4. Rainbow of Health - Create a colorful plate at your holiday dinners and events. Instead of having a plate of all brown, white or beige foods, make sure you have bright vibrant colors, including green, purple, orange, red, and yellow.

5. Kick the Habit – It’s a new day and a new era. Make this the time that you break old, unhealthy habits which you only regret going into the new year. Start taking steps today to help you reach your health & wellness goals and you won’t have to make resolutions in January since your plan is already in ACTION!

Keeping these ideas in mind as you enter the holidays will empower you to stay on track with your fitness and health goals!

The Scale

For many people, The Scale holds a prominent place in their home: in their bedroom, in their bathroom, in their home gym. It is something that you can’t help but step on as you pass it once a day, twice a day, or more. Each time you step on the scale, your heart beats a little faster and you hold your breath, waiting for that magical number to appear. For many of us, though, the number that appears rarely ends up being something we wanted to see.

The Scale has control over our bodies and our minds. We think that if that number goes down, we are healthier and slimmer. If that number goes up, we’ve gained fat and must immediately jump on the next fad diet. The Scale can dictate our lives: what we eat, what we do, and how we see ourselves. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Actually, it shouldn’t be that way. The Scale just gives you one number; it doesn’t tell you how your heart is working, or your body mass index, or if you have high blood pressure.

There are other, more realistic, ways of gauging how your body is working.

  1. Check your wardrobe. Are your clothes a bit more snug? Are your pants too loose and need to be taken in? If you find that you are constantly buying new clothes in different sizes, that might be a sign that your body is changing too much.
  2. Monitor your workout progress. Has your running endurance increased? Are you increasing weights and reps? Are you avoiding the gym and all forms of exercise? Keep a journal of when you exercise, for how long, and what you did, and over time you’ll be able to see your progress and make realistic goals.
  3. Pay attention to your energy level. Your energy level is an excellent indicator of how you’re feeling, what you’re able to do, and how healthy you are. The more energy you have, the more you can do; the more you can do, the healthier you can be. Consider recording your energy level in your workout journal (see #2).
  4. Listen to how you’re feeling. Your body will tell you how it feels. Did you eat too much? Did you get enough sleep? Did you push yourself too hard and now your muscles are strained? If you listen carefully, your body will tell you how it’s functioning and if there is anything wrong.
  5. Take progress pictures. If you have a long-term goal in mind, track your progress by taking weekly pictures of yourself. Daily changes are not realistic, but you will be able to see weekly progress. When taking the pictures, be sure to strike the same pose each time to truthfully see progress.
  6. Visit the doctor. Annual check-ups are an important part to maintaining your health and preventing major illnesses. Visit your doctor every year as part of your regular maintenance program.

Roslyn’s Fall Favorites

Drink It - Daily Greens
Check out the site at
I found out about these drinks at Whole Foods and have been drinking 1 a day since then. I’ve replaced my afternoon coffee habit w/ 1/2 of a container of greens :o)

Eat It –  Salad Extraveganza on Richmond Avenue or Salata
Two of my go-to lunch spots that keep this healthy diva on track for a healthy lifestyle with tons of great toppings and options for a salad or wrap. 

Wear It – Lululemon Studio Pant II
For pix and details view online. These are my fave pants for a moderate workout or a casual weekend. I started with one pair two years ago and have somehow ended up with four in my closet. :O)

Enjoy It – Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort
I recently visited this resort located in San Antonio, TX and had a wonderful experience.  It’s great for fitness enthusiasts, has wonderful spa treatments and is very child-friendly. They have walking trails, golf, tennis, yoga, and a full service fitness facility. You don’t even have to pack your workout clothing with you; they have partnered with New Balance and can provide you with gear for your fitness endeavors. 

Fit and Fab For Fall

Summer isn’t over just yet, and for those of us in Houston, the hot weather will be sticking around for a while. Nonetheless, now is the time to get fit and fab for fall! This month, PIYOLET shares with you 9 fitness must-knows to prepare you for the fall season.

1. Tennis shoes are not meant to last forever, especially if you work out in them. Many injuries are caused by old, worn out shoes that no longer offer the support they are designed to. Buy new sneakers after they’ve traveled 300-500 miles.

2. Take your workouts outdoors. With cooler temperatures in the fall season, now might be the best time to sweat outdoors without the risk of heat stroke. Remember, cooler temperatures often warrant an adjustment to your wardrobe; think long sleeves, calf- or full-length pants, and a light jacket.

3. It might sound like cheating, but you don’t have to give up on the TV shows that start up again in the fall. Instead do your workouts in front of the TV! Lunges, squats, running in place, jumping jacks, bicep curls, core work. Think of all the possible exercise moves you can do while watching your favorite shows.

4. If early morning or late night is the best time for you to work out outdoors, remember to wear reflective clothing and consider carrying a flashlight. Stick to the sidewalk or trails so as to avoid car traffic.

5. Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean the sun isn’t dangerous. Continue to apply and reapply sunscreen when you’re out in the sun.

6. The fall season often means more responsibilities and obligations: going back to school, taking the kids to games and practices, meeting end of the year deadlines, and so on. All of these activities will be entered into your digital calendar and so should your workouts. Think of your workouts as an appointment that cannot be rescheduled or cancelled.

7. Take advantage of the great fall fruits and vegetables. Some may be available year-round, but they are best in the fall. Cranberries. Eggplant. Grapes. Okra. Persimmons. Pumpkin. Apples. Quince. Winter squash. Brussels sprouts. Figs.

8. Add strength training to your workouts. Try: squats to overhead press; step up with bicep curls; single-leg dumbbell row; dolphin plank; curtsy lunge; superman.

9. Stay motivated! Keep yourself going by mixing things up. Try a new class. Spring clean your house and wardrobe in the fall. Make a new workout playlist. Grab a new buddy to run with. Rake the leaves vigorously. Find reasons to get up and move!